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The Occidental Hotel

Par (auteur) John Mays
Présentation par Anne Collins & Richard Rhodes
Catégories: Littérature générale
Séries: Essential Prose Series

A brooding fugitive hides out in a crumbling hotel that was once filled with celebrities enjoying the successes of postwar America, reflecting on the ruins of the South and on the life of a German performance ...

Symphony No. 3

Par (auteur) Chris Eaton
Catégories: Littérature générale

Symphony No. 3 follows the life of renowned French composer Camille Saint-Saëns as he ascends from child prodigy to worldwide fame. As his acclaim grows in Paris, the musical world around him clamours ...


How to survive the unthinkable?
This is the question nine-year-old Tom has to face after witnessing his parent?s murder-suicide. After the horrific event, Tom refuses to speak. At first, he moves in ...

The Island of Books

Par (auteur) Dominique Fortier
Traduit par Rhonda Mullins
Catégories: Littérature générale

A rich portrait of the beauty of words – painted by a 15th-century illiterate scribe.

A 15th-century portrait painter, grieving the sudden death of his lover, takes refuge at the monastery at Mont Saint-Michel, ...


Par (auteur) Russell Wangersky
Catégories: Roman à suspense

From critically acclaimed author Russell Wangersky, comes a dark, psychological thriller about a man named Walt, a grocery store cleaner who collects the shopping lists people leave in the store and discard ...

Siberian Odyssey of Hans Schroeder, The

Par (auteur) Ashis Gupta
Catégories: Littérature générale

Based on a true story, The Siberian Odyssey of Hans Schroeder is the ironic and tragic tale of a young German mesmerized by the Hitler Youth aura who finds himself on the Russian front where he is taken ...

Planet Reese

Par (auteur) Cordelia Strube
Catégories: Littérature générale

Reese Larkin is desperate to find the perfect mattress. His job is in jeopardy and he’s been forced to separate from his wife and children, but he believes that if he can find the ultimate sleep system ...

No Cherubs for Melanie

Melanie Gordonstone, a cherubic six-year-old, was Daddy’s favourite in every way. So Margaret, her jealous 12-year-old sister, drowned her in a backyard pool. Inexperience led young Detective Bliss ...

Ten Good Seconds of Silence

Par (auteur) Elizabeth Ruth
Catégories: Littérature générale

Lilith Boot’s life changes forever the night she drowns the flowers in her parents’ garden. Frightened by their daughter’s odd behaviour, and her recent pronouncements of psychic visions, the Boots ...