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Bonheur et leadership

Avez-vous le bonheur facile et durable ? Utilisez-vous votre plein potentiel au quotidien ? Vous sentez-vous pleinement vivant ? Dans ce livre, l'auteure parle des stratégies du bonheur, de l'importance ...

Science Goes Viral

Par (auteur) Dr. Joe Schwarcz
Catégories: Chimie

Dr. Joe provides a framework for coming to grips with the onslaught of COVID-19 information and misinformation. He reminds us that although our daily activities have been hijacked by the pandemic, life ...

Open Every Window

Par (auteur) Jane Munro
Catégories: Mémoires

Open Every Window reveals the pain and power inherent in loving and being loved. A poignant evocation for anyone who has experienced loss, it will entrance with its lyricism and comfort with the writer’s ...

Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle

Stop thinking about efficiency and start thinking about sufficiency

Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle reveals the carbon cost of everything we do, identifying where we can make big reductions, while not ...

How The Light Shines

This book is for caregivers who have a desire not only to hone their caring skills, but also to deepen their relationship with God through their care. It explores feelings of loss and challenge, but turns ...

Missing Link, The

Par (auteur) Sydney Banks
Catégories: Thérapies alternatives

This book illuminates and creates an appreciation for the mystical link between the psychological and spiritual nature of life. It reveals a simplicity beneath the complex working of the mind and the ...

Bent out of Shape

Par (auteur) Karen Messing
Catégories: Médecine populaire

Award-winning ergonomist Karen Messing is talking with women—women who wire circuit boards, sew clothes, clean toilets, drive forklifts, serve food, run labs. What she finds is a workforce in harm’s ...