Philosophie des sciences

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Bold Scientists

Par (auteur) Michael Riordon
Catégories: Philosophie des sciences

As governments and corporations scramble to pull the plug on research that proves that they are poisoning our planet and rush to muzzle the scientists who dare to share their disturbing data, it seems ...

Pain and Prejudice

Par (auteur) Karen Messing
Catégories: Philosophie des sciences

In 1978, when workers at a nearby phosphate refinery learned that the ore they processed was contaminated with radioactive dust, Karen Messing, then a new professor of molecular genetics, was called in ...

Ideas on the Nature of Science

Édité par David Cayley
Catégories: Philosophie des sciences

If science is neither cookery, nor angelic virtuosity, then what is it? Modern societies have tended to take science for granted as a way of knowing, ordering, and controlling the world, where everything ...

Husserl and the Sciences

Édité par Richard A. Feist
Catégories: Philosophie des sciences
Séries: Philosophica

Edmund Husserl (1859-1938) is one of the previous century’s most important thinkers. Often regarded as the "Father of phenomenology," this collection of essays reveals that he is indeed much more than ...