Traitement des animaux

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Par (auteur) Jennifer D. Grubbs
Catégories: Traitement des animaux
Séries: Outspoken

A captivating glimpse into the world of direct action, animal and earth liberation, and political repression. Tracing the strategies of liberationist activists as they grapple with doing activism under ...

The Rights of Nature

Par (auteur) David R. Boyd
Catégories: Traitement des animaux

Around the world, more and more laws are being passed recognizing that ecosystems have legally enforceable rights. And if nature has rights, then humans have responsibilities. In The Rights of Nature, ...

Animal Subjects

Édité par Jodey Castricano
Catégories: Traitement des animaux

Although Cultural Studies has directed sustained attacks against sexism and racism, the question of the animal has lagged behind developments in broader society with regard to animal suffering in factory ...