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A Very Remarkable Sickness

The area between the Great Lakes and Lake Winnipeg, bounded on the north by the Hudson Bay lowlands, is sometimes known as the "Petit Nord. " Providing a link between the cities of eastern Canada and ...

Odysseys Home

Par (auteur) George Elliott Clarke
Catégories: Recherche sur l’ethnicité
Séries: Heritage

Odysseys Home: Mapping African-Canadian Literature is a pioneering study of African-Canadian literary creativity, laying the groundwork for future scholarly work in the field. Based on extensive excavations ...

The Queen of Peace Room

Par (auteur) Magie Dominic
Catégories: Biographies (ouvrages généraux)
Séries: Life Writing

What is memory, and where is it stored in the body? Can a room be symbolic of a lifetime? Memories are like layers of your skin or layers of paint on a canvas. In The Queen of Peace Room, Magie Dominic ...

Reading In

Par (auteur) JoAnn McCaig
Catégories: Études littéraires

What can we learn about authorship through a reading of a writer’s archive? Collections of authors’ manuscripts and correspondence have traditionally been used in ways that further illuminate the ...

Better to Have Loved

Judith Merril was a pioneer of twentieth-century science fiction, a prolific author, and editor. She was also a passionate social and political activist. In fact, her life was a constant adventure within ...

Something to Cry About

Why does our society think it is okay to hit children? Almost everyone thinks it is wrong to abuse a child. But many parents and teachers believe it is okay to spank children, rap their knuckles, slap ...


ribsauce is a unique compilation of literature and sound recordings, featuring some of Canada’s best women writers and performance artists. Presented in collaboration with Wired on Words, one of Canada’s ...