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Anxious Gravity

Par (auteur) Jeff Wells
Catégories: Roman humoristique

The life of a naive, born-again teen can sometimes seem God-awful, as Gideon discovers at Overcomer Bible Institute. Having given himself over to religion, Gideon quickly finds his newfound faith challenged ...

The Feminine Gaze

Par (auteur) Anne Innis Dagg
Catégories: Études sur les femmes

Many Canadian women fiction writers have become justifiably famous. But what about women who have written non-fiction? When Anne Innis Dagg set out on a personal quest to make such non-fiction authors ...

Crimes of Colour

The original essays in Crimes of Colour explore the link between “race” and “crime” in the Canadian context. Much of the literature on race and crime to date has treated the category of “race” ...

In Order to Live Untroubled

Par (auteur) Renee Fossett
Catégories: Histoires des Amériques

Despite the long human history of the Canadian central arctic, there is still little historical writing on the Inuit peoples of this vast region. Although archaeologists and anthropologists have studied ...

Love Strong as Death

A transcription of Lucy Peel’s wonderfully readable journal was recently discovered in her descendent’s house in Norwich, England. Sent in regular installments to her transatlantic relatives, the ...

The Female Crucifix

Par (auteur) Ilse E. Friesen
Catégories: Études sur les femmes

Featuring more than twenty illustrations, including several works of art that were rediscovered by the author and are published here for the first time, The Female Crucifix: Images of St. Wilgefortis ...

Framing Our Past

With introductory essays by historians, Framing Our Past emphasizes the lived experiences of women: their participation in many areas of social life, such as social rituals with other women; organized ...

The Satellite Sex

Par (auteur) Barbara M. Freeman
Catégories: Communication

Have the Canadian media given feminism a bad name or have they been among the movement’s strongest supporters? Is journalistic objectivity a myth when it comes to women’s voices, or doesn’t it matter? ...

Telling Tales

Women played a vital role in the shaping of the  West in Canada
between the 1880s and 1940s.   Yet surprisingly little is known
about their contributions or the differences sex and gender made to the ...