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A History of Early Childhood Education in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Par (auteur) Larry Prochner
Catégories: Travail social

In the early nineteenth century, governments introduced kindergartens and infant schools to give children a head start in life. These programs hinged on new visions of childhood that originated in England ...

Notes from Canada's Young Activists

In this compilation, young citizens describe the moments they were inspired to pursue their passions to improve their world. Their methods and causes are diverse, and their stories highlight their innovative ...

Do Men Mother?

Par (auteur) Andrea Doucet
Catégories: Travail social

More and more, fathers are deciding to stay at home and care for their children rather than work full-time outside of the home. More and more, Canadian families are lead by single fathers. Shining a spotlight ...

Social Work in Health and Mental Health

Édité par Tuula Heinonen & Anna Metteri
Catégories: Travail social

Social Work in Health and Mental Health: Issues, Developments, and Actions was created for final year undergraduate and master’s level students in the health and mental health fields. It is primarily ...

Social Work Practice and the Elderly, Third Edition

Édité par Michael Holosko
Catégories: Travail social

This third edition of Social Work Practice with the Elderly describes significant practice issues and current challenges facing gerontological social workers, who are working with the fastest growing demographic ...

Healing Wounded Hearts

Par (auteur) Fyre Jean Graveline
Catégories: Travail social

Stories, poems, and artwork that illustrate the struggles and strengths that this Aboriginal author exhibits, living everyday in intersecting, parallel, and sometimes colliding sociocultural realities ...

Something to Cry About

Why does our society think it is okay to hit children? Almost everyone thinks it is wrong to abuse a child. But many parents and teachers believe it is okay to spank children, rap their knuckles, slap ...