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Un sport légendaire

Par (auteur) Stephen Harper
Catégories: Hockey

«Qui étaient ces prétendants à la coupe Stanley et qu'est-il advenu d'eux? L'histoire nous dit qu'ils formaient la première incarnation des Maple Leafs de Toronto. Or, les efforts acharnés de leurs ...

Business the NHL Way

Par (auteur) Norm O'Reilly & Rick Burton
Avant-propos de Gary Bettman
Postface de Hayley Wickenheiser
Catégories: Hockey

The National Hockey League is at its apex in terms of its business success. Even a global pandemic could not slow it down. The league generates more than $5 billion annually, its revenues and media deals ...

Overcoming the Neutral Zone Trap

This engaging interdisciplinary collection seeks to shed light on narratives and research that challenge hockey’s norms, push its boundaries, and provide new ways of conceptualizing its role in North ...

Canada's Holy Grail

Par (auteur) Jordan B. Goldstein
Catégories: Hockey

In 1892, Lord Frederick Arthur Stanley donated the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup – later known as the Stanley Cup – to crown the first Canadian hockey champions.

Canada’s Holy Grail documents Lord ...

Power Play

Par (auteur) Jay Scherer, David Mills & Linda Sloan McCulloch
Avant-propos de Richard Gruneau
Catégories: Hockey

Power Play tells a dramatic story about clashing priorities where sports, money, and municipal power meet. When the Rogers Place arena opened in downtown Edmonton, no amount of buzz could drown out the ...

Canadian Hockey Literature

Par (auteur) Jason Blake
Catégories: Hockey

Hockey occupies a prominent place in the Canadian cultural lexicon, as evidenced by the wealth of hockey-centred stories and novels published within Canada. In this exciting new work, Jason Blake takes ...

Living the Hockey Dream

Par (auteur) Brian Kennedy
Catégories: Biographies de sportifs

Many of the experiences of every hockey dreamer are the same. Are those experiences any different for someone who makes it to the NHL? Living the Hockey Dream tells stories of people from around the hockey ...

Lords of the Rinks

Par (auteur) John Chi-Kit Wong
Catégories: Hockey

No sport is as important to Canadians as hockey. Though there may be a great many things that divide the country, the love of hockey is perhaps its single greatest unifier. Before the latest labour unrest ...