Collection en études canadiennes 2022

Livres Canada Books est fier d’offrir ce plus récent recueil de titres provenant de presses universitaires et de maisons d’édition canadiennes reconnues. Le Canada est un pays d’idées, et la Collection en études canadiennes 2022 met en lumière certaines des perspectives et des découvertes les plus fascinantes du pays dans le domaine des sciences humaines et sociales. Parmi les plus de 90 ouvrages présentés ici, un grand nombre proposent des analyses et des discussions pointues sur certains des problèmes les plus urgents au Canada (et dans le monde), tout en célébrant la diversité de l’histoire et des arts du pays. Considérés dans leur ensemble, les titres de la Collection de cette année illustrent la profondeur et l’étendue des recherches actuelles en études canadiennes, ainsi qu’un engagement à comprendre les plus grands défis et les plus grandes réalisations du pays.

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Walking Together, Working Together

This collection takes a holistic view of well-being, seeking complementarities between Indigenous approaches to healing and Western biomedicine. Topics include traditional healers and approaches to treatment ...

A Sentimental Education

Par (auteur) Hannah McGregor
Catégories: Literary Criticism

How do you tell the story of a feminist education, when the work of feminism can never be perfected or completed? In A Sentimental Education, Hannah McGregor, the podcaster behind Witch, Please and Secret ...

Canadian Performance Documents and Debates

Édité par Anthony J. Vickery, Glen F. Nichols & Allana C. Lindgren
Avant-propos de Jerry Wasserman
Catégories: Drama

Canadian Performance Documents and Debates provides insight into performance activities from the seventeenth century to the early 1970s, and probes important yet vexing questions about Canada as a country ...

Troubling Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Education

Édité par Sandra D. Styres & Arlo Kempf
Avant-propos de Jan Hare
Catégories: Non-classifiable

Troubling Truth and Reconciliation in Canadian Education offers a series of critical perspectives concerning reconciliation and reconciliatory efforts between Canadian and Indigenous peoples. Indigenous ...

Something within Me

The late Honourable Michael Wilson was a Canadian politician and business professional. As Minister of Finance under Brian Mulroney, Wilson was one of the key negotiators of the Canada-United States Free ...

Autobiography as Indigenous Intellectual Tradition

Par (auteur) Deanna Reder
Catégories: Literary Criticism
Séries: Indigenous Studies

Autobiography as Indigenous Intellectual Tradition critiques ways of approaching Indigenous texts that are informed by the Western academic tradition and offers instead a new way of theorizing Indigenous ...


Resurgence is an inspiring collection of contemporary Indigenous poetry, art, and narratives that guides teachers in bridging existing K–12 curricula with Indigenous voices and pedagogies. In this first ...

Scratching River

Par (auteur) Michelle Porter
Catégories: Biography & Autobiography
Séries: Life Writing

Scratching River braids the voices of mother, brother, sister, ancestor, and river to create a story about environmental, personal, and collective healing.

This memoir revolves around a search for home ...

Sky Wolf's Call

From healing to astronomy to our connection to the natural world, the lessons from Indigenous knowledge inform our learning and practices today.

How do knowledge systems get passed down over generations? ...