Selling Canadian Books Into Japan (2014)

La description

Selling Canadian Books Into Japan updates and revises a report commissioned by Livres Canada Books in 2004. This market guide includes new sections on licensing translation rights and opportunities in digital publishing. Although this update can be read as a standalone document, those interested in the Japanese market are encouraged to read the original report in addition to this one. In compiling the report, the author contacted 44 companies in Japan and Canada and drew upon reports and research. This report includes:

  • General information on the Japanese book market
  • Information on formats and pricing in various genres
  • A discussion on opportunities in Japan for academic publishers, publishers of adult fiction and non-fiction, publishers of ELT material, and publishers of children’s books
  • An outlook for digital publishing in Japan
  • and much more

About the Author

Robin Birtle is the founder of Sakkam Press, a digital publisher based in Tokyo and London. Robin earned his stripes as Head of Media Asia for Reuters, where he witnessed firsthand the disruptive effect of the Internet on the news business. Robin is now focused on ebook publishing, working with a number of organizations to make ebooks a fully fledged competitor to games, music, video and other content forms.

29 pages


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