A Fleeting Empire

Early Stuart Britain and the Merchant Adventurers to Canada

Par (auteur) Andrew Nicholls
Catégories: History
Éditeur: McGill-Queen's University Press
Hardcover : 9780773537781, 256 pages, Octobre 2010

La description

Before the future of North American rule was decided by the battle between British and French forces on the Plains of Abraham, Britain's emerging imperial interests were represented by ambitious merchants and privateers. A Fleeting Empire examines the lives and exploits of early European adventurers in North America, revealing the murky mix of self-interest, patriotism, and adventure that motivated them.


"This excellent book illuminates a neglected period of both British and Canadian history. Matthew Dziennik, University of Edinburgh

"Nicholls succeeds in providing students and scholars alike with a carefully researched and well-told investigation into the spectacular yet short-lived efforts and achievements of the Merchant Adventurers to Canada during the Early Stuart period. " Michae

"Written in a clear, direct style, A Fleeting Empire is an impressive achievement. It will enlighten anyone interested in the history of the Atlantic world in the early 17th century. " The Chronicle Herald

"Andrew Nicholls' book is highly accessible. He brings a new perspective to a neglected area of North American History and the period of initial contact with European colonizers. ” Alexander Murdoch, School of History, Classics, and Archaeology, University