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Introduction / Julia Christensen, Christopher Cox, and Lisa Szabo-Jones
Section One: Storytelling to Understand
Chapter One
Finding My Way: Emotions and Ethics in Community-Based Action Research with Indigenous Communities / Leonie Sandercock
Chapter Two
Notes from the Underbridge / Christine Stewart and Jacquie Leggatt
Chapter Three
Re-valuing Code-Switching: Lessons from Kaska Narrative Performances / Patrick Moore
Section Two: Storytelling to Share
Chapter Four
Art, Heart, and Health: Experiences from Northern British Columbia / Kendra Mitchell-Foster and Sarah de Leeuw
Chapter Five
“Grandson, / this is meat”: Hunting Metonymy in François Mandeville’s This Is What They Say / Jasmine Spencer
Section Three: Storytelling to Create
Chapter Six
sleepless in Somba K’e / Rita Wong
Chapter Seven
Old Rawhide Died / Bren Kolson
Chapter Eight
Métis Storytelling across Time and Space: Situating the Personal and Academic Self between Homelands / Zoe Todd
Conclusion / Julia Christensen, Christopher Cox, and Lisa Szabo-Jones
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Activating the Heart explores how storytelling engages and builds new interconnections between people and their histories, environments, and cultural geographies. It focuses on the significance of storytelling in Indigenous knowledge frameworks and other ways of knowing, and how researchers have embraced narrative and story as a part of their methodologies.