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The charming story of a young owl’s strange and disorienting journey to discover who he is and where he belongs.

When a young Great Horned Owl wakes up to find himself on the ground
with a broken wing, he can’t figure out where he is, how he got there,
or how to get back to the tree where he lives with his parents and older
sister. Is this a test, to see if he is ready to leave the nest? Is he
being punished for something? Before he knows what is happening, he is
whisked away to a rescue centre, where he meets other owls who are also
recovering from injuries before being released back into the wild.

Lonely, confused, and very self-conscious of the fact that he doesn’t
have a name, the young owl slowly adapts to his new surroundings. He
makes friends, finds his courage, heals from his injury, and realizes
that identity is about more than a name that is given to you. It’s about
the character that you develop, especially when you face hard
times. Heartwarming, whimsical, and inspirational, An Owl without a Name is an uplifting tale for young readers.


“​​In An Owl without a Name, Jenna Greene artfully tells the roller-coaster tale of a nestling owl’s journey from mishap to rehabilitation to a new life in the wild. By combining science, common sense, and a dose of imagination, Greene leads us to realize that all wild animals deserve to be free in the wild, where they belong.”
—Rob Laidlaw, award-winning author of Bat Citizens: Defending the Ninjas of the Night and Saving Lives and Changing Hearts: Animal Sanctuaries and Rescue Centers

“With crisp writing and strong imagery, Jenna Greene lures readers into the heart of an uncertain fledgling owl on a reluctant journey. Both engaging and irresistible, An Owl without a Name expands to illuminate the important service provided by wildlife rehabilitation.“
—Joan Marie Galat, award-winning author Mortimer: Rat Race to Space and Too Much Trash: How Litter is Hurting Animals

"The wisdom of the owls is a hard-won goal in this coming-of-age story. One misstep sends our feathered hero tumbling into a scary new adventure to discover the power in finding your place in a world where family means more than your name or your home.”
—Angela Misri, award-winning author of Pickles vs the Zombies

“Jenna Greene’s An Owl without a Name is an enjoyable way to introduce children to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation. Along with its charming illustrations by Kimiko Fraser, it not only informs but also inspires empathy as it follows an injured owlet from rescue to release.”
—Gina McMurchy-Barber, award-winning author of The Jigsaw Puzzle King and Free as a Bird

“Both wise and humorous, this big-hearted tale of overcoming self-pity to gain strength in body and spirit is a delightful romp. Fun facts about owls and other birds of prey are woven in seamlessly.”
—Shelley Hrdlitschka, co-author (with Rae Schidlo) of The Grizzlies of Grouse Mountain: The True Adventure of Coola and Grinder