Assessment Strategies for Online Learning

Engagement and Authenticity

Par (auteur) Dianne Conrad & Jason Openo
Catégories: Education
Séries: Issues in Distance Education
Éditeur: Athabasca University Press
Paperback : 9781771992329, 212 pages, Août 2018

Table des matières


1 A framework for assessment in online learning: The big picture

2 The contribution of principles of adult education to online learning and assessment

3 What do you believe? The importance of your beliefs about teaching and learning in online assessment

4 Authentic, engaging, and quality assessment

5 Assessment using e-portfolios, journals, projects, and group work

6 Alternative assessments, flexible learning, badges, and accreditation: The age of “open”

7 Planning an assessment and evaluation strategy – authentically

8 Blended learning, flexible learning, flipped learning, social media, and assessment

9 A few words on self-assessment

10 Final words

Appendix: Reflections from the field with contributions by: Stephen Downes, Ellen Rose, Terry Anderson, Archie Zariski, Beth Perry, Julie Shattuck, Dianne Conrad, Rory McGreal, Lisa Marie Blaschke, Gürhan Durak, Noam Ebner, Susan Bainbridge, and Jon Dron

La description

In their investigation of assessment methods and learning approaches, Conrad and Openo aim to explore assessment that engages learners and authentically evaluates education. They insist that moving to new learning environments, specifically those online and at a distance, afford educators opportunities to embrace only the most effective face-to-face assessment methods and to realize the potential of delivering education in the digital age.