Been Hoping We Might Meet Again

The Letters of Pierre Elliott Trudeau and Marshall McLuhan

Par (auteur) Elaine Kahn
Catégories: Business & Economics
Éditeur: Novalis
Paperback : 9782896885886, 176 pages, Mars 2019

La description

Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Marshall McLuhan. Two Canadian Catholic 20th-century public intellectuals whose lives and ideas intersected in surprising ways. This collection of their entire correspondence—from 1968 to 1980—shines a light on their friendship and mutual respect during a fascinating period when television ruled and the world was becoming a global village. Annotated by scholar Elaine Kahn, who encountered the work of both these thinkers as a teenage student, the letters are a window on ideas and concepts that shaped the world we know today.


The letters disclose a sort of religious intimacy, revealed in crescendo as the relationship between the two becomes closer and more convivial. Reading these letters today is a bit like looking through the keyhole into the depths of two minds, two men.

Paolo Granata, Assistant Professor in Book and Media Studies, St. Michael’s College in the University of Toront
of letters, two men of faith, resonating with each other.