Beneath Springhill

The Maurice Ruddick Story

Par (auteur) Beau Dixon
Catégories: Drama
Éditeur: J. Gordon Shillingford Publishing
Paperback : 9781927922767, 72 pages, Avril 2021

La description

Beneath Springhill is the incredible story of Maurice Ruddick, "the singing miner," an African-Canadian who survived nine days underground during the historic Springhill mining disaster of 1958. This multi-award-winning chamber musical recalls the events during the disaster, the effect it had on Ruddick's family, and the racial tensions in the town of Springhill. The play is a celebration of hope, courage and community. Music by Susan Newman and Lyrics by Rob Fortin.


"This is what theatre is about." (

"A celebration of the human spirit..." (Calgary Sun)