Cancer Confidential

Backstage Dramas in the Radiation Clinic

Table des matières


Prologue: Medicine as Theatre

1. The Medical Son
2. The Reticent Doctor
3. The Scared Patient
4. The Puppeteer Doctor
5. The Disobedient Patient
6. The Ornery Surgeon
7. The Confused Patient
8. The Interfering Child I
9. The Pushy Patient
10. The Fractured Family
11. The Failed Patient
12. The Shunned Patient
13. The Brave Patient
14. The Interfering Child II
15. The Desperate Couple
16. The Dying Father

Epilogue: The Authentic Doctor

La description

Each year, almost twenty million people worldwide receive the grim diagnosis of cancer, yet few are prepared for the difficult emotional journey ahead.

Shortly after Dr. Charles Hayter graduated as a cancer specialist, his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer. As with many doctors, he found that his medical training did not prepare him for the anguish and turmoil he witnessed in himself, his patients, and their loved ones – anguish often worsened by the stigma and shame surrounding cancer and radiation. In Cancer Confidential, Dr. Hayter shares behind-the-scenes stories of people dealing with cancer and death – often through avoidance, denial, and conflict, but also as shining examples of quiet courage, resilience, and humour.

The backdrop for the stories is the specialty of radiation oncology. One in three cancer patients will receive radiation therapy, yet it remains a mysterious and often maligned area of medicine.

Told in a vivid, dramatic style, Cancer Confidential sheds light on this poorly understood field and reveals intimate stories of individuals and their families in difficult circumstances. It will lend insight, compassion, and support to anyone facing the diagnosis of cancer.