Confluences 3

Essays on the New Canadian Literature

Édité par Dannabang Kuwabong
Catégories: Études littéraires, Biographies et études littéraires
Éditeur: Mawenzi House
Paperback : 9781774150474, 144 pages, Janvier 2022

La description

The essays in this volume continue the examination, begun in Confluences 1 and continued in Confluences 2, of the exciting new writing that has emerged in Canada in the past few decades. Employing a variety of approaches and addressing the many concerns engaging their author-subjects--memory, history, and concentric identities; the subordination of women; and racism--this new body of writing collectively redefines and challenges the traditional idea of Canadian Literature.

Included in this volume are:

"W H Hudson's English Argentina and Pablo Urbanyi's Argentine Canada." --Hugh Hazelton
"Racial Re/Profiling: The Plays of Andrew Moodie." --Leslie Sanders
"Dannabang Kuwabong's Caribbean Blues & Love's Genealogy and Voices from Kibuli Country." --Horace Goddard
"Haunting the Human: M. NourbeSe Philip's Poetics of Un." --Kate Siklosi
"Male Monstrosity or Failed Masculinities? Shani Mootoo's Literary Oeuvre" --Juan M Salomé Villarini
"Pamela Mordecai's Literary Transcultural Eschatology" --Dannabang Kuwabong
"Witnesses from the Silentiaries: Claire Harris's Poetics of En(Dis)abling in dipped in shadow" --Dannabang Kuwabong
"Postcolonial Ecologies and Sustainable Living: Reading Jenna Butler's Nonfiction" --Asma Sayed