Double Negative

A Vicky Bauer Mystery

Par (auteur) Leona Gom
Catégories: Femmes détectives, Roman policier, Littérature et ouvrages de fiction
Éditeur: Sumach Press , Three O'Clock Press
Paperback : 9781896764078, 305 pages, Septembre 1998

La description

Vicky Bauer's life is already complicated. Her brief career as a film scholar has been replaced by difficult stints as a substitute teacher. Vicky's husband is in a semicoma and her estranged father has suddenly become dependent on her. In the midst of this decidedly troubled existence a series of unrelated events further complicate Vicky's life. For some reason people who have caused Vicky difficulties are now the subjects of acts of violence. Moreover, Vicky has a new neighbour to whom she is extremely attracted. His young son, however, seems troubled and destructive, in stark contrast to his affectionate twin sister. Much more than a mystery, Double Negative uses the genre to pose questions about guilt, family abuse and violence and the complexities of life's important relationships.


"A leader in the new Canadian mystery matriarchy."

- NOW Magazine