Native Roots of Modern Democracy

Par (auteur) Georges Sioui
Catégories: Non-classifiable
Éditeur: McGill-Queen's University Press
Hardcover : 9780773556393, 200 pages, Septembre 2019

An exploration of the historical and future significance of Canada's Native soul.

La description

In Eatenonha, Georges Sioui presents the history of a group of Wendat known as the Seawi Clan and reveals the deepest, most honoured secrets possessed by his people, by all people who are Indigenous, and by those who understand and respect Indigenous ways of thinking and living. Providing a glimpse into the lives, ideology, and work of his family and ancestors, Sioui weaves a tale of the Wendat’s sparsely documented historical trajectory and his family’s experiences on a reserve.


"Contributing to the field of autoethnography, Sioui takes his, and his family's, life stories to be revealing of the much broader struggles in modern politics to recapture the more authentic and democratic governance of Indigenous communities, in particular, the Wendat. The strength of the book lies in the relevance of these personal anecdotes. Insofar as they illuminate aspects of modern and traditional politics that are better presented by example than by argument, the book succeeds. [Sioui's] stories of unflinching dedication to duty and righteousness deserve to be told and to be listened to attentively. These accounts of extraordinary ordinariness keep autoethnography from the deadly sin of banality that can easily stem from an exaggerated sense of the worth of the "auto. "" Canadian Historical Review

"Eatenonha is a unique interweaving of self, family, First Nation, and Indigenous peoples of the Americas and elsewhere. " John Steckley, Humber College