Museum of Bone and Water

Par (auteur) Nicole Brossard
Traduit par Robert Majzels & Erín Moure
Catégories: Poetry
Éditeur: House of Anansi Press
Paperback : 9780887846861, 128 pages, Avril 2003

La description

Nicole Brossard’s sensual and provocative investigations of our bodies ? the physical and spiritual museums of who we are and what we desire ? pulse and surprise at every turn. These poems sculpt a fluid but tenacious space where fingers, thighs, lips, fists, cheeks mingle in the palm trees of Dublin and Key West, the heat of Palermo and Madrid, the eyes of Virginia Woolf and Jorge Luis de Borges, the throat of Lee Miller. With each dazzling turn and each crazy silence, Brossard speeds our breath and quickens our hearts, reminding us that poetry too is both a physical and spiritual reality.