Prison Voices

Édité par Richard Jaccoma & Lee Weinstein
Catégories: Jurisprudence et questions générales, Droit
Éditeur: Fernwood Publishing
Paperback : 9781552662359, 194 pages, Janvier 2007

Table des matières

  • : Introduction:  Justice and Judgement (Roxanne Stevenson)
  • : Prison’s Ain’t Much of a Place (Martin Bolton)
  • : Me, Myself and the Other (Guy James Wrigley)
  • : Women of the Healing Lodge: Dear Cocaine (Lorrie-Anne Cope)
  • : Healing Journey (Michelle Belcourt)
  • : The Horse Program (Maxine Friesen)
  • : A Child for Seven Years (Mario Auger)
  • : Welcome to the Writer’s Block: Grape Jelly (Jon Brown)
  • : Five Bucks’ll Getcha Burned (Mike Oulton)
  • : What Went Wrong (Orville Young)
  • : Broken Wings (Rebecca Reid)
  • : The Mind of a Criminal (Thanh Phuong Nguyen)

La description

Originally conceived to encourage reading and writing within the prison system, this unique collection gives a dramatic voice to 12 convicts-cum-authors who expose the intimate details of their lives and struggles.  Revealing a personal look at the daily experiences of men and women behind bars, these breathtaking tales range in tone from uplifting and hopeful to steeped in remorse.