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Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
CHAPTER 1: A Brief Historical Overview of Theories About the Relationship of Church and State
CHAPTER 2: A Brief History of Law and Religious Institutions in Canada
CHAPTER 3: Religious Institutions in Canada
CHAPTER 4: Constitutional Fundamentals
CHAPTER 5: Criminal Law
including sections on Sunday Observance; Unlawful Assembly; Disturbing Worship; Blasphemy; Offences against Marriage; Unlawful Solemnization of Marriage; Adultery and Sexual Immorality; Incest; Bestiality; Abortion; Suicide; Duty to Preserve Life; "Right to Die"; Injuring Animals; Witchcraft; Fortune-telling; Gaming, Betting, and Lotteries; Hate Propaganda; Criminal Procedure; and Criminal Penalties
CHAPTER 6: Public Order
including sections on Religious Solicitation; Private Meetings; Public Assemblies and Processions; Ceremonial Weapons; Religious Rights of Prisoners; Military Service; Oaths of Allegiance; and Sanctuary
CHAPTER 7: Evidence
including sections on Evidence Under Oath; Privileged Communications; and Search Warrants
CHAPTER 8: Religious Organizations
including sections on Legal Status of Religious Institutions; Organization and Church Government; Owning and Using Property; Changes in Constitutions; Taxation; Zoning and Planning; Pension Benefits; Wills and Trusts; Church Property Disputes; and Church Union
CHAPTER 9: Discipline in Religious Institutions
CHAPTER 10: Education
CHAPTER 11: Family Law
CHAPTER 12: Health
CHAPTER 13: Sabbath Observance and Employment Accommodations
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La description

This revised edition is the first-ever Canadian legal text on the law relating to religious institutions. Drawing on legal, historical, and theological sources, it deals with almost every area in which the laws of Canada have impact on matters of religion or on religious institutions, including constitutional law, criminal law, evidence, property, corporations, trusts, taxation, discipline, family, health, and educational matters. Designed for use by both lawyers and church administrators, this synthesis of legal and religious concerns makes this text an essential resource for all professionals working in the area.