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In 2009, Andrew Grant began photographing dogs, starting with two French bulldogs at an unrelated commercial “shoot. ” Then he discovered the sad fact that millions of lost or abandoned dogs enter animal shelters every year. And only a few leave, through rescue and adoption. The rest are euthanized or live out a lonely, caged life.


This is a stunning book of dog portraits -- all dogs being either homeless, in a shelter or rescued -- but it is the story behind the book that makes it so remarkable.

- Dr. Michael W. Fox

The portraits themselves are quite impressive--sharply detailed color images photographed against a white background in a professional studio. They are best described as revealing character studies of the dogs, each of which is looking expressively into the camera. With a brief introduction by the author and helpful suggestions for how to take part in rescue efforts at the end, this is primarily a portfolio of a variety of purebreds and mixed-breeds dogs who all have one thing in common: they were all saved by good-hearted people. Anyone who loves dogs and or photography will appreciate this book. Highly recommended.

- Raymond Bial

Photographer Andrew Grant allows us a glimpse into the beautiful eyes and souls of hundreds of dogs, many of which are shelter and rescue dogs awaiting their forever homes, through his stunning photography... Beautiful coffee table book... A collection of some of his most heartwarming and soulful dog portraits.

- Manette Kohler

We're here to tell you your coffee table is not complete without a book of strikingly beautiful dog portraits by Andrew Grant.

- Connie Wilson

A beautiful large coffee table book full of 360 heart-warming and moving portraits of dogs in stunning detail.

- Kennel Gazette

This beautiful four-color, hardcover coffee table book makes a great present for those passionate about rescue.

- Melissa L. Kauffman

This latest collection features dogs of all shapes and sizes, showing how even in a rescue, you can find healthy, smart, fun-loving pets... The perfect gift for a dog lover.

- Dogs Monthly Magazine

A very elegant book with 360 photographic portraits of dogs ranging from an aristocratic Afghan hound to a yippy Yorkshire terrier. Mixed breed dogs get equal billing; some are so mixed it would be hard to identify the breeds in their bloodlines. The dogs usually look directly into the camera, with eyes and facial expressions that range from sad and soulful to joyful and curious. Most are head and shoulders shots, but a smaller number are full body poses. This is a true picture book.

- Linda Wilson Fuoco

The dog portraits in photographer Andrew Grant's "Rover" books are striking. Clear-eyed canines gaze at the viewer, some with curious tilted heads or tongues lolling. There are puppies and young dogs, seniors and those of indeterminate age, all captured in a moment where you feel like you have a glimpse of their personalities.

- Mary Jo Dilonardo