Table des matières

Introduction A Personal Reflection Chapter 1 Canada, Oil, and the World’s Stage Chapter 2 The Tar Sands Challenge: Do Oil andDemocracy Mix? Chapter 3 Toronto 1988 to Kyoto 1997: A World-Class Ambivalence Chapter 4 Ratification and Beyond: KyotoSquabbles and an InternationalReputation Chapter 5 Explaining Inaction Chapter 6 Leadership and Long-Term Thinking Notes Index

La description

Some Like It Cold plunges headlong into the political conundrum of Canada’s climate change debate. Focusing on the past responses of both Liberal and Conservative governments to the looming crisis, ranging from negligence to complicity and connivance, Paehlke illuminates the issues surrounding compliance with global regulations such as Kyoto, including the dilemma of tar sands development. But he also lays out crucial political steps that could, if taken, lead towards a solution.

While he presents a potentially positive projection for the future, Paehlke is not afraid to point a finger at Canada?s fractured and flawed democracy, demonstrating that the country’s ambivalence is our biggest hindrance to joining the international quest to move forward on this unparalleled global challenge.