Stand on Guard for Whom?

A People's History of the Canadian Military

Table des matières

Introduction — Is Canadian Military a Force for Good in World?
1. British Roots
2. Indigenous Resistance
3. Class and Politics
4. Canadian Gunboat Diplomacy
5. ‘Special’ Forces
6. Wars
7. Accompanying War
8. Secret and Less Well-Known Programs
9. Military and the Environment
10. Nuclear Armageddon
11. Military Culture
12. Hierarchy versus Democracy
13. Spying
14. The USA’s Junior Partner
15. NATO
16. Veterans
17. Promoting the Military and Militarism
18. Lies and Propaganda
19. A Military Industrial Complex
20. Conclusion

La description

We Stand on Guard for Whom? is the first book to present a history of the Canadian military from the perspective of its victims. Originating as a British force that brutally dispossessed First Nations, the Canadian Forces regularly quelled labour unrest in the decades after Confederation. However, as this book shows, Canadian militarism has always been contested. This book reveals the hidden militarism in Canadian life and reminds us that the first step to contest it is to recognize its pervasiveness and power.