Taking Sport Seriously

Social Issues in Canadian Sport

Par (auteur) Peter S. Donnelly
Catégories: Sports & Recreation
Éditeur: Thompson Educational Publishing
Paperback : 9781550771169, 232 pages, Juin 2000

La description

Taking Sport Seriously: Social Issues in Canadian Sport is a unique collection of primary Canadian readings in sport and recreation for students and teachers at community colleges and universities across Canada. This book covers such important topics as: drugs, the Olympic movement, sport and health, violence in sport, masculinity and sport, women and sport, youth and sport, sexuality and sport, the economics of sport, sport and the newsmedia, and race. An entire new section deals with the crisis in Canadian hockey. The second edition has been substantially revised, comprising numerous additional selections as well as new introductions. Approximately 65% of the selections are new to this edition. This Canadian-content book can be used as a supplement to a core text on sport in Canadian society such as Winners and Losers: Sport and Physical Activity in the 90s (Jill LeClair) or Sport Ethics: Concepts and Cases in Sport and Recreation (David Cruise Malloy, Saul Ross and Dwight Zakus). These books are also published by Thompson Educational Publishing