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Experience the quirky missteps, humorous adventures, and professional development of a renowned Canadian photographer in this entertaining memoir.


Join Canadian photographer, explorer, Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, father, and writer Dave Brosha as he lays out a touching recollection of a life off the beaten track with a dash of adventure, a dash of determination, a dash of humour, a dash of self-deprecation, and two dashes of ridiculous.

Life shouldn’t be about a collection of possessions, but rather a melange of experiences. Dave leaves no holds barred in the retelling of some of his grand (mis)adventures as one of Canada’s premier adventure photographers.


The Art of Misadventure is an autobiographical fun ride. Author Dave Brosha provides us with a merry-go-round of escapades, insight, humour and, obviously, misadventure. An engaging journey into the wonder of things that occasionally go horribly wrong for all the right reasons.” —Bill Arnott, bestselling author of the Gone Viking travelogues and A Season on Vancouver Island

“This book is a treasure trove of adventures missed, captured and earned. Between the humour, the lessons, the wonder and the close calls there is proof of a life lived. The life of a man who takes chances, dreams big and then works to turn dreams into cherished memories — into stories.” —Curtis Jones, landscape and adventure photographer