The Gift Is in the Making

Anishinaabeg Stories

Table des matières



1 Our Treaty with the Hoof Nation

2 The Baagaataa’awa Game that Changed Everything

3 All our Relations

4 A Gift from a Very Smart Little Green Frog

5 She Knew Exactly What To Do

6 Zhingwaak Gets a Little Snippy

7 Please Be Careful When You’re Getting Smart

8 It’s You Who Makes the Name Powerful

9 Good Neighbours

10 Want

11 Zhigaag’s Powerful Medicine

12 The Place of Muddy Water

13 It’s a Very Good Thing to Be Yourself

14 Honouring Ojiig in the Night Sky

15 Gwiiwzens Makes a Lovely Discovery

16 The Star People Are Always Watching

17 Zhiishiib Makes Everybody Lunch

18 Makwa, the Great Faster

19 She Had a Beautiful, Speckled Design

20 The Rock on Miskwaadesi’s Back

21 The Gift Is in the Making


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Words and images roll effortlessly off the tongue in this lively collection of short stories for young readers.

La description

The Gift Is in the Making retells previously published Anishinaabeg stories, bringing to life Anishinaabeg values and teachings to a new generation. Readers are immersed in a world where all genders are respected, the tiniest being has influence in the world, and unconditional love binds families and communities to each other and to their homeland. Sprinkled with gentle humour and the Anishinaabe language, this collection of stories speaks to children and adults alike, and reminds us of the timelessness of stories that touch the heart.


This was an absolutely exquisite book...sprinkled about with Nishnaabemowin so by the end of the book, you’ll be newly familiar with a number of beautiful words...This felt like a book of sacred texts.

- Johannes C.

[These stories] embrace and embellish the teachings, reflecting their established power for today's listeners and readers of all ages. The words and images [roll] effortlessly off the tongue (and eyes). Highly Recommended.

- Gail de Vos

A SOLS First Nation Communities READ recommended title, 2015–2016

- Southern Ontario Library Service