The Girls' Yoga Book

Stretch Your Body, Open Your Mind, & Have Fun!

Par (auteur) Michaela Caldwell
Illustré par Claudia Dávila
Catégories: Children's Nonfiction
Éditeur: Owlkids Books
Paperback : 9781897066256, 64 pages, Janvier 2005

La description

Girls are feeling the pressures of peers, family and global stress in a world that seems both demanding and uncertain. Increasingly the three million teen and ‘tween girls in Canada are turning to yoga to improve physical and mental health, and yoga is becoming part of school curriculums across North America.

The Girls’ Yoga Book invites girls to get active, have fun and feel strong while they incorporate yoga into daily life. Safe, clear and well-illustrated guidelines suitable for all skill levels, including special needs, introduce girls to the poses, breathing and meditation exercises of traditional yoga.

Activities allow them to take quiet, personal timeouts, get silly with their friends, express their creativity, stretch their bodies and minds and even prepare for a test in the classroom. Real girls contribute reflections on their own experiences with yoga in Girl Talk sidebars while Yoga M"ohm"ents provide factual information about yoga through the ages.

Yoga teacher Michaela Caldwell has lovingly created this fourth book in the Girl Zone series, of which CM Magazine says, "Highly recommended … smart and invigorating: a prescription for building self-confident young women. "

Ages 9-13.