The Indian History of British Columbia

The Impact of the White Man

Table des matières

Foreword to the New Edition, 1997

Foreword to the 1992 Edition


1. The Indians of British Columbia

The Problem of Indian Names

The Classification of Indian Groups

Major Ethnic Divisions

Linguistic Subdivisions

Tribes and Bands

2. Population

The Aboriginal Population

Population in 1835

Population Before 1835

Density and Distribution

Changes Since 1835
Rapid Decline

First Censuses

Checking the Decline

Rapid Increase

The Present Indian Population

Two Kinds of Indians

A Young Population

A Scattered Population

3. The Impact of the White Man

The Fur-Trade Period: Stimulus to Growth

First Contacts

First Impressions

The Nature of the Trade

Changes in Native Life

Native Trade




The Colonial Period: Formative Years

Beginnings of Indian Administration

Period Since Confederation: Years of Change

Development of Indian Administration

Indian Reserves and Indian Title

Treaty No. 8

Indian Administration Today

More Changes in Indian Life

Material Culture, Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts

New Economic Directions

Religious Change: Conversion to Christianity

Social Disorganization

New Forms of Political Organization

Appendix 1: Phonemes and Phonetic Key

Appendix 2: First Nations of British Columbia, 1997


Suggested Reading, 1997


La description

First published in 1965, The Indian History of British Columbia: The Impact of the White Man remains an important book thanks to Wilson Duff’s rigorous scholarship. It is an excellent overview of the history of the interaction between the First Nations of British Columbia and the colonial cultures that came to western North America. In its 30 years in print, this book has sold more than 15,000 copies and continues to reside on the reading lists of many university and college anthropology courses.

Wilson Duff wrote this book as the first in a series. The second was to be the first book in a line of “ethnic histories” on specific First Nations; the third was to cover a thousand or so years before contact with Euro-Americans. Regrettably, he never finished the other manuscripts. But The Impact of the White Man stands alone and is, indeed, a mainstay of anthropology and history in British Columbia.

For the first time, this book is issued in a quality paperback size and a more readable type. The original text is virtually unchanged, but the publishers have added more photographs, an appendix updating the names and territories of British Columbia First Nations, a new list of recommended reading, and an index.