The Left-Handed Dinner Party and Other Stories

Table des matières

1 Grad School
2 The Remedy
3 The Left-Handed Dinner Party
4 The Scream
5 Uncanny
6 Estate Planning
7 The Ballad of Jake and Janet
8 Big Luck Island
9 The Smart Sisters
10 Limbo
-Jean’s Slice
-Orphan Sister
-The Viewfinder
-The Dead List
-The Beer Tent


La description

In The Left-Handed Dinner Party and Other Stories, everyone is missing something or someone; every family is riven by secrets and absences. Coulter’s narratives portray relationships, loss, and what we learn in the aftermath of death. With style and sweep that hint at Lynn Coady and Alice Munro, Myrl Coulter is a strong, fresh voice in contemporary Canadian fiction.


“… this collection reads a bit like a mystery novel with subtle connections between characters and stories…told intriguingly and effectively…”

- Breanna Mroczek

# 1 on Edmonton Fiction Bestsellers list, September 24, 2017

The way Coulter uses the short story medium to loosely tie the collection together adds an enthralling quality. .. Coulter wanted to showcase that the things which tear us apart — depression, anger, death, suicide — are seldom talked about, or even written about. .. The Left-Handed Dinner Party ends on a note of fleeting happiness that alludes to a place of resolution. " [Full article at https://www. thegatewayonline. ca/2018/03/left-handed-dinner-party/]

- Enrique Marroquin

[T]he vividness of Coulter’s hard-luck characters and their situations commands attention. For the second half, Coulter changes tracks with two longer stories that experiment with tone, structure, and perspective. “The Smart Sisters” is a rollicking depiction of three struggling sisters. ... “Limbo,” narrated by a “reluctant haunter”. divided into six captivating tales that recount the decades after his death for those close to him. Gentle, comic, and uplifting, the story’s craft perfectly complements its humanity and skillfully closes this promising collection. " [Full review at https://www. publishersweekly. com/978-1-77212-328-9]

- Publishers Weekly

"What interests Coulter is families, and the endlessly paradoxical combinations of love and resentment, security and entrapment, which families offer. Some of the stories are connected by their characters, and the novella, “Limbo,” consists of a series of stories about the same family. Alcoholism, adultery, abuse, parental abandonment, trips into an uncertain future, suicide, secrecy, car crashes, sibling alienation—these are the stock-in-trade of Coulter’s families. " [Full review at http://canlit. ca/article/space-and-time/]

- Paul Denham