The Little English Handbook for Canadians

Par (auteur) James B. Bell & Edward P. J. Corbett
Catégories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Éditeur: Wiley
Paperback : 9780471798927, 264 pages, Décembre 1996

Table des matières

Legend Format of Manuscript 1 - 7 1 one-side of paper only
2 double-space
3 margins
4 title of paper
5 numbering of pages
6 paper clip
7 proper paper

Grammar 8 - 20

Change on the Run
8 apostrophe for possessive
9 its/it's
10 subject/verb agreement
11 noun/pronoun agreement
12 pronoun antecedent
13 dangling verbal
14 misplaced modifier
15 parallelism
16 conjuntion that
17 sentence fragment
18 comma splice
19 fused sentence
20 confusing sentence

Style 21 - 30
21 wrong word and faulty predication
22 imprecise word
23 inappropriate word
24 unidiomatic expression
25 trite expression
26 awkward sentence
27 wordy sentence
28 careless repetition
29 mixed metaphor
30 active/passive verb

Paragraphing 31 - 33
31 unity
32 coherence
33 adequate development

Punctuation 34 - 45
34 comma, compound sentence
35 comma, introductory
36 pairs (no comma)
37 comma, series
38 comma, non-restrictive
39 no comma, restrictive
40 semicolon, compound sentence
41 independent clause on both sides of semicolon
42 colon, for lead-in
43 dash, for summation
44 pair of dashes, for parenthetical element
45 format of dash

Mechanics 46 - 56
46 closing quotation mark, with period and comma
47 closing quotation mark, with colon and semicolon
48 closing quotation mark, with question mark
49 italics, for book titles, etc.
50 quotation marks, for titles of articles, etc.
51 italics, for words as words
52 italics, for foreign words
53 hyphen, for compound words
54 hyphen, for words broken at end of line
55 numbers, in written copy
56 capitalization, of certain words

Format of the Research Paper
General instructions
Model footnotes
Models for bibliography
Model research paper (with footnotes at bottom of page) and bibliography
Model for footnotes entered on separate pages
The APA system of documentation
APA - style research paper

Formats for Letters
General instructions
Sample handwritten personal letter
Models for business letters
Models for addressig envelopes
Postal abbreviations for Canada and the United States

A Resume The Tenses of the English Verb Glossary of Usage Spelling Rules, Examples, Exceptions Commonly Misspelled Words Canadian vs. American Spelling Some Everyday Metric Units Index

La description

The Little English Handbook for Canadians is an indispensable guide to the basics of grammar and style, and to helping improve the accuracy and clarity of your written communications. It clearly identifies and provides solutions to the most common and persistent problems that writers experience.

  • Covers grammar, style, paragraphing, punctuation, and mechanics, as well as how to write and format letters, research reports, and resumes.
  • Explains the rules in clear non-technical language, and provides diagrams that give a visual “picture” of the grammatical structure.
  • Features numerous examples illustrating the do’s and don’ts.
  • Provides a quick-reference guide to spelling rules, examples, and exceptions, and a listing of commonly misspelled words.
  • Includes a glossary of grammatical terms and a glossary of the most common errors in usage.