Thousand-Year Path

The Canada Hall at the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Par (auteur) Robert McGhee
Catégories: History
Éditeur: Canadian Museum of History
Paperback : 9781100107868, 132 pages, Mars 2009

The path of European history in Canada is traced across the continent, from the first Norse landings ten centuries ago to the dynamic societies of western Canada built over the past century.

La description

The path of European history in Canada begins ten centuries ago with the first ventures of Norsemen to the northeastern coasts. It winds westward across the continent and through time, following the rise of the cod fishery, the fur trade, the early farms of Acadia and those of the Loyalists who retreated to Canada after the American Revolution. In decades, the Prairies were transformed from buffalo country to wheat farms, and British Columbia from a fur trading colony to a complex society of many peoples. The scenes of the past glimpsed along this historical trail allow travellers to build their own sense of the country? history, and of the immense labour undertaken by our ancestors.

Robert McGhee is an archaeologist whose research has focused on the history of Arctic Canada. He has lived and worked in most regions of the country, and been fascinated by the diverse geography and history of local areas. McGhee has written over 100 articles and books, including both academic publications and those designed for a general audience. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and of the Arctic Institute of North America, and has been awarded the Massey Medal by the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Currently, he is Curator Emeritus with the Canadian Museum of Civilization.