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Lights to Guide Me Home

Par (auteur) Meghan J. Ward
Avant-propos de Caroline Van Hemert
Catégories: Mémoires

This debut memoir is at once a captivating travelogue and an introspective look at what it takes to navigate the unfamiliar and find your way back home.


Meghan J. Ward was 21 years old when she journeyed ...

Our Voice of Fire

A wildfire of a debut memoir by internationally recognized French/Cree/Iroquois journalist Brandi Morin set to transform the narrative around Indigenous Peoples.
Brandi Morin is known for her clear-eyed ...

Open Every Window

Par (auteur) Jane Munro
Catégories: Mémoires

Open Every Window reveals the pain and power inherent in loving and being loved. A poignant evocation for anyone who has experienced loss, it will entrance with its lyricism and comfort with the writer’s ...


Drawing on her own experiences as a woman of Iranian and British Isle descent, writer Hollay Ghadery dives into conflicts and uncertainty surrounding the biracial female body and identity, especially ...

Man at the Airport

Par (auteur) Hassan Al Kontar
Avant-propos de Nuseir (Nas) Yassin
Catégories: Mémoires

When revolution and war broke out in his home country in 2011, Hassan Al Kontar was a young Syrian living and working in the UAE. A conscientious objector, he refused to return to Syria for compulsory ...

A White Lie

The Women’s Voices from Gaza collection honours women’s unique and underrepresented perspectives on the social, material, and political realities of Palestinian life. In “A White Lie,” the first ...

Casting into Mystery

Par (auteur) Robert Reid
Par (artiste) Wesley W Bates
Catégories: Mémoires

In Casting into Mystery, writer Robert Reid and wood engraver Wesley W. Bates—avid anglers, both—put ink to paper in homage to the venerable sport of fly fishing. Through text and image, they recall ...

Pourin' Down Rain

The 30th anniversary edition of Cheryl Foggo’s landmark work about growing up Black on the Canadian prairies.

Cheryl Foggo came of age during the 1960s in Calgary and struggled against the many ways ...

South Away

Par (auteur) Meaghan Marie Hackinen
Catégories: Mémoires

South Away is an adventure story of the author’s bicycle trip with her sister from Terrace, BC, along the West coast to (almost) the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Meaghan Marie Hackinen experiences apprehension ...


Par (auteur) Sharon Wood
Catégories: Mémoires

In 1986, as part of a Canadian team, Sharon Wood became the first woman from the Americas to summit Mount Everest—and the first woman in the world to do so via the West Ridge from Tibet and without ...