Histoires du quotidien (Jeunesse)

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Caillou: The Silver Knight

A Heartwarming Story on the Importance of Family Ties

Caillou is disappointed when his friend Sarah gets sick and can't come over to play. To cheer him up, Daddy tells him the story of a great knight who ...

The Three Sisters

Par (auteur) Paul Yee
Illustré par Shaoli Wang
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

Faced with a tyrannical emperor determined to wage war, three sisters, sublimely gifted in music, manage to fend for themselves and their parents with the power and magic they create with their instruments. ...

Age 16

One of Ms. Magazine’s Most Anticipated Feminist Books of 2024

A powerful coming-of-age graphic novel about how mothers and daughters pass down—and rebel against—standards of size, gender, race, beauty, ...

The Pie Reports

“Discusses illness and depression with gentleness that helps make the big feelings that can go with them less overwhelming. Touching and playful illustrations complement a story that handles themes ...

Wild Trails to the Sea

A tender story celebrating the natural world and our place within it, featuring lyrical verse and bold, tactile paper-collage illustrations.

A tender and lyrical story celebrating the natural world and ...

Glory Days in New Orleans!

A lighthearted tale about two possum musicians who make their way to New Orleans and discover jazz.

Mama and Papa Poss continue their musical odyssey on a boat bound for New Orleans. As they make their ...

All That Grows

Par (auteur) Jack Wong
Illustré par Jack Wong
Catégories: Histoires du quotidien (Jeunesse)

From Boston Globe–Horn Book Award winner Jack Wong, a story of a boy who discovers that the more he learns, the more there is to know!

On their neighborhood walks together, a boy learns from his older ...

Une année sans aile

Par (auteur) Jonathan Bécotte
Illustré par Cathy Faucher
Catégories: Histoires du quotidien (Jeunesse)
Séries: Monark

À l'hôpital, un petit garçon va à l'hôpital où sa maman vit ses derniers instants. À son décès, une difficile période de deuil s'amorce. La famille doit composer avec le vide et l'absence. Durant ...

Asha and the Toymaker

Par (auteur) Sakshi Mangal
Illustré par Sakshi Mangal
Catégories: Histoires du quotidien (Jeunesse)
Séries: -

A heartwarming story about the value of art, set in the evocative Blue City of India.

Asha's papa makes and sells wooden toys to pay for her to go to school. But Papa struggles to find buyers. And this ...

We Love You as Much as the Fox Loves Its Tail

Par (auteur) Masiana Kelly
Illustré par Tamara Campeau
Catégories: Histoires du quotidien (Jeunesse)

“We’ll love you as much as the narwhal loves its tusk.

We’ll love you as much as the seal loves its musk.

Little One, our new baby,

Welcome to our family.”

This loving bedtime poem shares all the ...