Histoires du quotidien (Jeunesse)

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She Holds Up the Stars

 A young Indigenous girl searching for a sense of home finds strength and courage in her gifts, her deepening connection to the land, and her own cultural awakening in this moving coming-of-age story. ...

Un bisou coquelicot

Aly spends Remembrance Day with her great-grandfather. The latter is all dressed up, beret on his head and medals lined up on his veteran's chest. Cling, clang, cling... One medal at a time, Aly discovers ...

The Sour Cherry Tree

Par (auteur) Naseem Hrab
Illustré par Nahid Kazemi
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

It’s the day after the morning that Baba Bozorg forgot to wake up. Before, his snores were so loud you could hear him throughout the house. Today, as his granddaughter explores the familiar halls, it’s ...

Jigging for Halibut With Tsinii

Based on Haida artist Robert Davidson’s own experiences with Tsinii (his grandfather), this tender story highlights intergenerational knowledge and authentic learning experiences. | Off the northern ...

Guardians of Porthaven

On his fifteenth birthday, Malcolm Gravenhurst is preparing to take on the mantle of Guardian, like many Gravenhursts before him.

The Guardians are tasked with defending the city of Porthaven, and his ...

Grandfather Bowhead, Tell Me A Story

Bowhead whales are the longest-living mammals on the planet, living over 200 years. In this heartwarming story, a grandfather bowhead recounts to his young grandchild calf all the beautiful, amazing, ...

The Sorry Life of Timothy Shmoe

Par (auteur) Stephanie Simpson McLellan
Illustré par Zoe Si
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

An impulsive little boy experiences the power of unconditional love

Timothy Shmoe isn’t a bad kid, but sometimes he makes honest (and not-so-honest) mistakes. Time after time, Timothy finds himself in ...

Hare B&B

Par (auteur) Bill Richardson
Illustré par Bill Pechet
Catégories: Humour (Jeunesse)

After her parents are duped by a coyote who is a master of disguise, Harriet (“Harry” for short) and her seven younger siblings are left to fend for themselves. Their only resource is their parents’ ...

Mama Bird Lost an Egg

Par (auteur) Evelyne Fournier
Illustré par Chloloula
Traduit par N. Penn
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

Mama Bird is sad today. A little egg she was keeping warm has broken. With tenderness and compassion, her son, Gabriel, helps comfort her. A thoughtful picture book that explores the theme of miscarriage, ...

The House at the End of the Road

Par (auteur) Kari Rust
Catégories: Histoires du quotidien (Jeunesse)

When two siblings and their cousin discover an old, seemingly-abandoned house down the road from Grandma’s, their summer takes a turn they never saw coming. This heartwarming picture book incorporates ...