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A Seal of Salvage

Par (auteur) Clayton B. Smith
Catégories: Littérature générale

Steeped in Newfoundland’s unique folklore and superstitions, A Seal of Salvage is a coming-of-age novel about unrequited love between adolescent boys that slips between history and mythology.

Set in ...

The Animals

Par (auteur) Cary Fagan
Catégories: Littérature générale

In a quaint tourist village, Dorn makes miniature scale models displayed in the local shops. Yet life is far from idyllic; he suffers under the thumb of a rich, philandering younger brother and an unloving ...

You Are Eating an Orange. You Are Naked.

Par (auteur) Sheung-King
Catégories: Littérature générale

A translator living in Toronto frequently travels abroad—to Hong Kong, Macau, Prague, Tokyo—often with his unnamed lover. In restaurants and hotel rooms, the couple begin telling folk tales to each ...

The Wild Heavens

Par (auteur) Sarah Louise Butler
Catégories: Littérature générale

The Wild Heavens is a graceful and compelling debut novel that pays tribute to the magic and unfathomable mystery of the natural world. Sandy Langley’s life has been haunted by a tragic disappearance—until ...

Blood Fable

Par (auteur) Oisín Curran
Catégories: Littérature générale

A utopian community is on the verge of collapse as the charismatic leader’s followers come to realize they’ve been exploited. At the same time, an 11-year-old son of one adherent learns his mother ...

Mythologie huronne et wyandotte

Cet ouvrage souligne les liens anciens et profonds, autres que de mépris, de violence et d’exploitation, tissés entre les peuples amérindiens et les descendants des premiers colons européens, liens ...