Thèmes narratifs (littérature) : politiques

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Par (auteur) Babak Lakghomi
Catégories: Roman dystopique et utopique

South is a hallucinatory reimagination of life in a world under totalitarianism, and an individual’s quest for truth, agency, and understanding.

“A quiet meditation on imagination and reality, absence ...

A Hostage

When Charlotte is kidnapped by Middle Eastern dictator Kassem, panic is only held at bay by a sardonic Inner Voice, which alternately consoles and condemns. While Kassem appears determined to explain ...


Par (auteur) Claudio Gaudio
Catégories: Littérature générale

A diplomat is captured by supposed insurgents and is waiting in a room for his execution. Texas is a provocative story of death against the backdrop of ugly and uncompromising politics. It is also a meditation ...

Escape from Syria

Par (auteur) Samya Kullab
Illustré par Jackie Roche
Catégories: Littérature générale

Escape from Syria is a fictionalized account that calls on real-life circumstances and true tales of refugee families to serve as a microcosm of the Syrian uprising and the war and refugee crisis that ...

Under Her Skin

Par (auteur) Stephen Law
Catégories: Littérature générale

After her home is ransacked, her friend is attacked, and her white father suddenly reappears, Shaz is compelled to explore the racial divides in her life and in the city around her. In a narrative that ...

Rich and Poor

Par (auteur) Jacob Wren
Catégories: Littérature générale

Who hasn’t, at one time or another, considered killing a billionaire? Rich and Poor is a novel of a man who washes dishes for a living and decides to kill a billionaire as a political act. It is literature ...