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With Scarcely a Ripple

Using a prosopographical approach that combines descriptive exposition, quantitative tabulation, and structural analysis, Randy Widdis determines the geographical and social origins of migrants, the distance ...

John Graves Simcoe 1752-1806

One of the legendary figures of Ontario history, John Graves Simcoe was the commander of the Queen’s Rangers during the American Revolution. In 1791 he was appointed the first lieutenant-governor of ...


Par (auteur) Annie York
Catégories: Recherche sur l’ethnicité

Living on the banks of the turbulent Fraser River, the Nlaka’pamux people of Spuzzum have a long history of contact with non-aboriginal peoples. They watched as Hudson’s Bay Company employees hacked ...

The French in North America 1500-1783

Par (auteur) W. J. Eccles
Catégories: Histoires des Amériques

This vivid account of the crucial role played by the French in the Western Hemisphere chronicles the rise and fall of the French empire on the mainland of North America and the West Indies, from the arrival ...

Making Waves

Par (auteur) Emil Sher
Catégories: Théâtre

The three plays in Making Waves are all centred on characters who have made waves by taking a moral stand rooted in an unshakable belief. Drawn from national headlines that caused passionate debates across ...

Earth, Water, Air and Fire

Édité par David T. McNab
Catégories: Recherche sur l’ethnicité

The contributors use a holistic approach comprising the four elements — earth, water, air, and fire — to address the diverse themes and variations in First Nations communities across Canada.

Inuit Art

Présentation par Alma Houston
Catégories: Histoires des Amériques

From the first magical amulets and weapons to the world–famous Cape Dorset prints, Inuit art is discussed by authorities such as Sheila Butler (Wall Hangings from Baker Lake, First Printmaking Year ...

Last Steps To Freedom

Par (auteur) John Boyko
Catégories: Histoires des Amériques

To understand Canada one must understand racism, for Canada was born and grew as a racist state. Race riots, segregated schools, racially-based union membership, mass deportations of innocent people, ...

The Secession of Quebec and the Future of Canada

Par (auteur) Robert A. Young
Catégories: Histoires des Amériques

Robert Young discusses the ways in which Canadians might reconstitute their country after Quebec separates and considers possible political and economic arrangements between Quebec and Canada – the ...

His Majesty's Indian Allies

Par (auteur) Robert S. Allen
Catégories: Histoires des Amériques

His Majesty’s Indian Allies is a study of British-Indian policy in North America from the time of the American Revolution to the end of the War of 1812, with particular focus on Canada.