Criminologie et criminalité

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Reena Virk

The murder of British Columbia teen Reena Virk shocked Canadians and provoked an outpouring of media commentary, academic explanation, plays, and novels. But while much attention was paid to the problem ...

The Colour of Justice

The colour of justice in Canada is largely driven by stereotypical assumptions about crime and those who commit it. Over the last few years, the use of race, ethnicity, and religion as indicators of suspicion ...

Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime

A concise and practical guide to domestic laws dealing with proceeds of crime and money laundering. It includes discussion of the recent amendments to the Criminal Code and new anti-terrorism legislation. ...

Youth Criminal Justice Law 1/e

Par (auteur) Nicholas Bala
Avant-propos de Heino Lilles
Catégories: Criminologie et criminalité
Séries: Essentials of Canadian Law

This timely book, by one of Canada’s leading scholars of youth justice, is a succinct and authoritative introduction to an important, controversial area of Canadian law. Our response to young persons ...

K9 Professional Tracking

Par (auteur) Resi Gerritsen & Ruud Haak
Catégories: Dressage de chiens

An incorrect approach to training dogs in tracking can lead to a confused animal and a frustrated handler. The dog’s ability to follow a scent is far beyond what humans are capable of, yet unless a ...

Getting Away With Murder

Since Cain killed Abel, the crime of murder has fascinated humans. So, too, do murder trials. They enable us to be voyeurs, peering from a safe distance into the dark recesses of the human capacity for ...