Essentials of Canadian Law

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The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 7th edition

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 7e, provides an accessible yet thorough account of the constitutional protection and practical application of rights under the Canadian Charter. This seventh edition ...

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

No other Canadian book provides such an accessible yet thorough and objective account of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The text has been thoroughly updated to reflect Charter jurisprudence ...

International Human Rights Law

The last fifty years have witnessed the development of a global system of human rights promotion and protection. Canada has played a significant role in its growth and will likely continue to do so. Yet ...

Criminal Law

Par (auteur) Kent Roach
Avant-propos de Martin L. Friedland
Catégories: Law
Séries: Essentials of Canadian Law

Since publication of the first edition in 1996, Criminal Law by Kent Roach has become one of the best-selling and most highly-regarded titles in Irwin Law’s Essentials of Canadian Law series. Professor ...

Maritime Law

Authors Edgar Gold, Aldo Chircop, and Hugh Kindred have written the first general treatment of Canadian maritime law to be published since 1916. This comprehensive text covers the whole of modern shipping ...

Youth Criminal Justice Law 1/e

Par (auteur) Nicholas Bala
Avant-propos de Heino Lilles
Catégories: Criminologie et criminalité
Séries: Essentials of Canadian Law

This timely book, by one of Canada’s leading scholars of youth justice, is a succinct and authoritative introduction to an important, controversial area of Canadian law. Our response to young persons ...