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Shifting Baseline Syndrome

Par (auteur) Aaron Kreuter
Catégories: Poésie
Séries: Oskana Poetry & Poetics

Shifting Baseline Syndrome is a satirical and searing collection of poetry obsessed with television, oceans, Jewish history, and time. Aaron Kreuter asks the hard questions: what is it like to have an ...

On Her Own Terms

Par (auteur) Carolyn Gammon
Catégories: Poésie

Internationally acclaimed author Carolyn Gammon conjures a kind and unflinching portrait of her mother’s memory loss—ultimately revealing the love, joy and life which remain even as memory fades. ...

The City That Is Leaving Forever

Par (auteur) Rahat Kurd & Sumayya Syed
Catégories: Anthologies

The City That Is Leaving Forever is a unique twenty-first-century time capsule: an instant-message exchange between Kashmir and British Columbia spanning more than five years in the lives of two Muslim ...

Inside the Pearl

Par (auteur) Jude Neale
Catégories: Poetry by form: Haiku
Séries: Essential Poets Series

Longlisted for the Magpie Award for Poetry

Inspired by contemporary English language haiku, accomplished poet, Jude Neale, explores ordinary objects through both poetry and photography in her new collection, ...

awâsis — kinky and dishevelled

Par (auteur) Louise B. Halfe
Catégories: Poésie

There are no pronouns in Cree for gender; awâsis (which means illuminated child) reveals herself through shapeshifting, adopting different genders, exploring the English language with merriment, and ...

Moldovan Hotel

Par (auteur) Leah Horlick
Catégories: La Shoah

In 2017, Leah Horlick travelled to Romania to revisit the region her Jewish ancestors fled. What she unearthed there is an elaborate web connecting conscious worlds to subconscious ones, fascism to neofascisms, ...

Our Farm in the City

Catégories: Jeunesse et scolaire

A child and her mother find great beauty and adventures on an experimental farm right in the middle of the city of Ottawa With her mother, she explores the arboretum, the amazing gardens, the fields of ...

Black Matters

Par (auteur) Afua Cooper
Par (photographe) Wilfried Raussert
Catégories: Poésie

Halifax’s former Poet Laureate Afua Cooper and photographer Wilfried Raussert collaborate in this book focused on everyday Black experiences. The result is a jambalaya — a dialogue between image and ...


Par (auteur) David Bateman
Catégories: Littérature générale
Séries: ISSN

DR SAD is a cross-country, cross-campus tragicomedy of manners. Leaping between queer Toronto and small-town BC, this novel interrogates art, aging, teaching, and how we create ourselves within an ever-changing ...

I Am Still Your Negro

Par (auteur) Valerie Mason-John
Avant-propos de George Elliott Clarke
Catégories: Poésie
Séries: Robert Kroetsch Series

Spoken-word poet Valerie Mason-John unsettles readers with potent images of ongoing trauma from slavery and colonization. Her narratives range from the beginnings of the African Diaspora to the story ...