Éditeurs canadiens indépendants à la Foire du livre Internationale de Guadalajara (FIL) 2023

La Foire du livre Internationale de Guadalajara est une vitrine pour les éditeurs canadiens de tous genres. Ensemble, ils représentent la qualité exceptionnelle et la créativité de l’édition canadienne. Içi vous trouverez une selection de leurs titres pour votre consultation.

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Caillou: The Silver Knight

A Heartwarming Story on the Importance of Family Ties

Caillou is disappointed when his friend Sarah gets sick and can't come over to play. To cheer him up, Daddy tells him the story of a great knight who ...

I Am A Rock

Par (auteur) Ashley Qilavaq-Savard
Illustré par Pelin Turgut
Catégories: Children's Fiction

Pauloosie loves his pet rock, Miki Rock. Pauloosie’s Anaana, his mother, tells him a bedtime story about what Miki Rock sees, hears, and feels in his Arctic home. As part of the land, Miki Rock sees ...

Be a Nature Explorer!

Par (auteur) Peter Wohlleben
Traduit par Jane Billinghurst
Illustré par Belle Wuthrich
Catégories: Children's Nonfiction
Séries: (For Kids)

For kids ages 6 to 10, this hands-on nature activity book is the perfect companion for every child’s next outdoor adventure!

An excellent resource for parents, teachers, and curriculums ranging from ...

Rise Up and Sing!

Par (auteur) Andrea Warner
Illustré par Louise Reimer
Catégories: Young Adult Nonfiction

This inspiring introduction to activism and social justice for young teens shows the important role music plays in changing the world, featuring:

  • Musicians young teens will know and love: Beyoncé, Billie ...

The Dancing Letters

Texte de Evelyne Fournier
Illustré par Aurélien Galvan
Traduit par Carine Laforest
Catégories: Children's Fiction

An endearing family story about love and dyslexia


Olivia is a little girl full of life and imagination. But when her grandmother asks her to write a story for her birthday, Olivia feels a little unsure. ...

We Love You as Much as the Fox Loves Its Tail

Par (auteur) Masiana Kelly
Illustré par Tamara Campeau
Catégories: Children's Fiction

“We’ll love you as much as the narwhal loves its tusk.

We’ll love you as much as the seal loves its musk.

Little One, our new baby,

Welcome to our family.”

This loving bedtime poem shares all the ...


Par (auteur) Angela Sterritt
Catégories: Non-classifiable

NATIONAL BESTSELLER: A Globe and Mail and Toronto Star Bestseller

A finalist for the Governor General’s Literary Award and the Writers’ Trust Hilary Weston Prize for Nonfiction.

"A remarkable life story. ...

The Life and Times of Augustine Tataneuck

Par (auteur) Renee Fossett
Catégories: History

One of the few biographies of an Inuk man from the 19th Century—separated from his family, community, and language—finding his place in history.
Augustine Tataneuck was an Inuk man born near the ...

Who Gets In

Par (auteur) Norman Ravvin
Catégories: Social Science

An eye-opening account of the Jewish immigration experience in the 1930s, and one man’s battle against anti-Semitic immigration policies.
In 1930, a young Jewish man, Yehuda Yosef Eisenstein, arrived ...

Maman dans les nuages

Par (auteur) Jean-Philippe Morasse

Nico adore passer du temps avec sa grand-maman Colette. Ensemble, elles observent les étoiles, cuisinent de magnifiques gâteaux et jouent avec les chats. Mais l’activité que Nico préfère, ce sont ...