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On Inuit Cinema | Inuit TakugatsaliuKatiget

Since the invention of moving pictures, countless Inuit have worked in front of and behind the camera. The diversity and complexity of this body of work makes capturing and conveying its full scale a ...

Robert Bond

Elected to Newfoundland’s House of Assembly in 1882, Robert Bond served as a member of government and opposition—and notably as prime minister—in an era filled with challenges that still resonate ...

The Earth is Flat!

Auteur original Leo Ferrari
Édité par Kay Burns & David Eso
Catégories: Histoire de la philosophie
Séries: Social and Economic Studies

Kay Burns and David Eso’s edition of Leo Ferrari’s The Earth is Flat! introduces us to a long forgotten satirical work, which, in an age of fake news, possesses renewed relevance. Ferrari, a philosopher ...

Shaped by Silence

Par (auteur) Rie Croll
Catégories: Social Science
Séries: Social and Economic Studies

The powerful stories of five survivors from Canada, Australia, and Ireland whose lives where shaped by forced confinement in Magdalene laundries and other institutions operated by the Roman Catholic Order ...

We All Expected to Die

At the end of World War I, after four years of unimaginable man-made destruction, a swiftly killing virus travelled the planet. Up to one hundred million people perished in the most lethal pandemic in ...

Bringing Home Animals, 2nd edition

Par (auteur) Adrian Tanner
Catégories: Social Science
Séries: Social and Economic Studies

Bringing Home Animals is an ethnography detailing what the author learned as a result of travelling and working with Iinuu (Cree) hunters and their families in Northern Quebec. The study was conducted ...