What if you lusted after someone you shouldn’t?

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A quirky collection of stories about teens in lust and in love. From the first stirrings of same-sex desire to paternity questions around a teen pregnancy, 101 Ways to Dance reflects the spectrum of teen sexuality from the sweet to the scary.


  • Short-listed, OLA Best Bets Top Ten List for 2006 – Young Adult 2006
  • Short-listed, Canadian Library Association Young Adult Canadian Book Award 2007


Finding a book that portrays positive sexuality for teens is more difficult than people may think. With stories ranging from sweet to bittersweet to fantastically erotic, this book should be in teen sex-ed programs across the country!

- Tea and Tomes blog

These stories are sometimes funny, sometimes poignant, and sometimes disturbing, but always well and sensitively told.

- Hi-Rise

Exudes promise, and it delivers! Each story is simply as beautiful as the one before.

- Canadian Children's Book News

These stories are not graphic, they are beautiful and sexy.

- Off the Shelf

This book will appeal to older teenage readers of both sexes who are making choices about their own sexuality.

- Resource Links