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Ces grands procès qui ont changé le monde

Par (auteur) Francesca Trop
Catégories: Lois et justice (Jeunesse)

Comment concevoir les règles les plus justes et les plus universelles, afin de permettre à tous de mieux vivre ? Des premiers mythes de l’humanité jusqu’à l’histoire contemporaine, cet album ...

Call Me Bill

Par (artiste) Lynette Richards
Présentation par Emily Burton
Catégories: Ouvrages sérieux en bandes dessinées

A gorgeously illustrated historical graphic novel based on a real person who, defying gender expectations, left home in search of adventure and a more authentic life.

It was April 1, 1873. In the middle ...

The Story of My Life Ongoing, by C.S. Cobb

Par (auteur) Candas Dorsey
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)
Séries: Inanna Young Feminist Series

It's not easy "choosing not to choose," especially for a nonbinary teen in 2007.

Corey was born intersex, but their father and stepmother didn't make a big deal about it. Then Corey's dad dies suddenly. ...

Sisters of the Wolf

Sisters of the Wolf is a thrilling adventure of friendship, culture clash, bravery, and survival set in Ice Age Europe. After being separated from their tribes, Keena and Shinoni must learn to survive ...

Little Red Warrior and His Lawyer

Par (auteur) Kevin Loring
Catégories: Romans (Jeunesse)

Little Red Warrior is the last remaining member of the Little Red Warrior First Nation. One day, he discovers a development company has begun construction on his ancestral lands. In a fit of rage, Little ...

The Power of Style

This non-fiction debut takes the reader through boldly designed chapters to discuss topics like cosplay, makeup, hijabs, and hair, probing the connections between fashion and history, culture, politics, ...

The Disability Experience

The Disability Experience examines the way people with disabilities (PWDs) have historically been ignored, reviled and marginalized. It also celebrates their triumphs and achievements and shares the powerful ...

Fired Up about Consent

According to the World Health Organization, one in three women will be sexually or physically assaulted in her lifetime. These rates are very similar for non-binary people and other feminized people, ...


Cole and Eva arrive in Winnipeg, the headquarters of Mihko Laboratories, intent on destroying the company once and for all. Their plans are thwarted when a new threat surfaces, and Cole is mired in terrifying ...