Album Rock

Looking back through the lens of Paul-Émile Miot

Par (auteur) Matthew Hollett
Catégories: Photographie, Arts, Histoire de l’art, Techniques et sujets des Beaux-Arts
Éditeur: Boulder Books
Paperback : 9781775234555, 112 pages, Septembre 2018

La description

Album Rock is the account of writer Matthew Hollett’s research and road trip to isolated Ship Cove, on Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula to solve a mystery—the source of a captivating photograph. It is also about the photographer, Paul-Émile Miot, a French naval officer who made some of the earliest photos of Newfoundland in the 1850s. Hollett touches on connection to place, the mysteries of early photography, and the impact of colonialism on how we see and understand landscape. To learn more about this publisher, click here: http://bit. ly/15b6oe5