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Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge Volume II

Presented in English and Mi’kmaq, the latest chapter in this ambitious series presents a remarkable and respectful collaboration between an Indigenous and non-Indigenous artist, deepening and diversifying ...

Real Mystery of Tom Thomson, The

Par (auteur) Richard Weiser
Catégories: Biographies d’artistes

Although much has been written about Tom Thomson’s mysterious death, little to nothing has been written about his life's accomplishment: how in less than four years, a man with little experience and ...

Mary Pickford, Queen of the Silent Film Era

Par (artiste) George A. Walker
Catégories: Histoire de l’art

A successful actress whose work spanned 52 features, Mary Pickford helped establish the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the studio United Artists. She was the first woman to create her ...

Quest for Coomaraswamy

Texte de Pratapaditya Pal
Catégories: Histoire de l’art

A biography of one of the pioneers in Asian art by the world’s foremost specialist in the arts of India, the Himalayas and South East Asia.

An intimate biography by Dr. Pratapaditya Pal, viewed by many ...

This Is Not a Hoax

Par (auteur) Heather Jessup
Catégories: Histoire de l’art

This Is Not a Hoax shows how the work of some contemporary artists and writers intentionally disrupts the curatorial and authorial practices of the country’s most respected cultural institutions: art ...

This is Serious

Édité par Joe Ollmann & Alana Traficante
Catégories: Histoire de l’art

THIS IS SERIOUS reveals the considerable contributions artists from across the country are making to the greater field of global comics - of which Toronto, Montreal, and Hamilton are significant creative ...

Saltwater Classics from the Island of Newfoundland

Par (auteur) Christine LeGrow & Shirley Scott
Catégories: Tricot
Séries: Saltwater Knits

Saltwater Classics will keep you toasty warm with beautiful hand-knitted hats, mitts, gloves, socks, and vamps. In this follow-up to the best-selling Saltwater Mittens, Christine LeGrow and Shirley A. ...

The True Face of Sir Isaac Brock

Par (auteur) Guy St-Denis
Catégories: Histoire de l’art

Major General Sir Isaac Brock is remembered as the Hero of Upper Canada for his defence of what is now Ontario during the War of 1812, and also for his noble death at the Battle of Queenston Heights. ...

Album Rock

Par (auteur) Matthew Hollett
Catégories: Photographie

Album Rock is the account of writer Matthew Hollett’s research and road trip to isolated Ship Cove, on Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula to solve a mystery—the source of a captivating photograph. ...

Art populaire

Par (auteur) François Tremblay
Catégories: Histoire de l’art

Un ouvrage tout en couleurs, dans la catégorie des beaux livres, sur l’évolution de l’art populaire.