Par (auteur) Wajdi Mouawad
Éditeur: Leméac Éditeur
Paperback : 9782760908291, 400 pages, Janvier 2012

La description

Coming home one day, Wahhch Debch finds his wife murdered, a knife thrust between her legs, and into the child she was carrying. A wild manhunt ensues, a furious interior odyssey that will lead him to the bowels of hell. The murderer’s name is Nelson Wolf Rooney. He’s an American Mohawk hiding in the Indian reservation of Kahnawake, a dangerous criminal involved in all sorts of dark business.

As the police investigation deepens, Wahhch begins to recall fragments of long-forgotten memories of his own childhood, which will return him to the camps of Sabra and Chatila, all the way under the earth, to the heart of damnation.

The author of Incendies has a writer’s instinct for delving into his own darkness. Through its ambition, tone and accomplishment, Anima expands the borders of literature.