Burnt Snow

My Years Living and Working with the Dene of the Northwest Territories

Par (auteur) Kieran Moore
Catégories: Mémoires, Biographies et ouvrage documentaire, Biographies et études littéraires
Éditeur: Hancock House
Paperback : 9780888393098, 272 pages, Août 2020

La description

The author, an Irish Immigrant, who for five years was partially raised by a Métis family in Winnipeg, heads north in a soul-searching mission to find himself and his place in life. The reflections of his encounters with some of the leading figures of the North are quite humorous and consequential in the later development of the North. He describes the Indigenous Elders who would influence him in countless ways, and how their teachings are, later, the source of northern survival in otherwise seemingly impossible situations.