Canada's Voice

The Public Life of John Wendell Holmes

Par (auteur) Adam Chapnick
Catégories: Politique et gouvernement, Sciences humaines et sociales
Éditeur: UBC Press
Hardcover : 9780774816717, 384 pages, Mai 2009

Table des matières



1 The Early Years

2 External Affairs’ New Golden Boy

3 The Rising Star

4 John Holmes’ Golden Age

5 Descending through the Diefenbaker Era

6 Ruin and Recovery

7 Headfirst into the CIIA

8 A Diplomat in Action

9 1967: A Year of Transition

10 Breaking Free from the Institute

11 Freedom, Passion, and Frustration

12 Older and Wiser

13 Regrets and Renewal

14 Saying Goodbye




The first comprehensive biography of a diplomat and scholar who shaped foreign policy during Canada’s golden age as a middle power.

La description

It is hard to imagine a person who embodied the ideals of postwar Canadian foreign policy more than John Wendell Holmes. Holmes joined the foreign service in 1943, headed the Canadian Institute of International Affairs from 1960 to 1973, and, as a professor of international relations, mentored a generation of students and scholars. This book charts the life of a diplomat and public intellectual who influenced both how scholars and states-people abroad viewed Canada and how Canadians saw themselves on the world stage.


It took one of the rising stars in the study of Canadian foreign policy – Adam Chapnick – to take on this task. The result is a tour de force.

- Duane Bratt, Mount Royal University